6.02 x 1023

by Tim Allen

October 23rd comes once a year
We gather round for a special hour
To celebrate the number we hold so dear
6.02 x 10 to the 23rd power

It's the number known throughout out history
With special powers in its name
Established for studies of chemistry
It puts all other numbers to shame

What boggles us most about this beast
Is its power it can contain
To cause us to strike up a feast
And go a bit insane

No other number can compare,
Not even ones from geometry.
To the pleasures, Oh! So Rare!
From performing stoichiometry

From atoms, to ions, like bromide
This number can be found
And in compounds, like sodium chloride,
It's also kept around

And even better about our friend
Is it comes with a name
That will stick with chemistry 'til the end
And will never leave us the same

The mole! We Shout! The mole is here!
Strike up a pose today,
Bring out your test tubes and beaker
To testify this great day

Yes, take that Pi! and shove it e!
We found our numbered pal
The mole will stand till eternity
In every chemical

And now the celebration starts!
Its time to seize the hour
By remembering the number in our hearts
6.02 x 10 to the 23rd power!

Found at: MoleLady

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