A Dictionary of Mole Day Terms

Everything you ever wanted to know about moles but were afraid to ask (and much you didn't want to know)

demoleition - The destruction which moles bring about in your yard.

dismole - being gloomy on Mole Day

imoleble - anything that does not have to do with a mole

mol - the symbol for mole

mole-mole - a mole double agent

molearchy - government in which moles are in complete control; under this government Mole Day is celebrated three times a year and chemistry is the only scientific subject taught in school

molebile - a mole which hangs from the ceiling; also a term describing anything which can move rapidly inderground

molect - the obsessive collection of Mole Day stuff including T-shirts, lawn decorations, pins, and endless other things

molectomy - the study of a mole's insides

molehill - a large hill made of dirt in your backyard, formed from moles borrowing underground; also a term used to describe anything that's pesky

moleism - the continual reverence of moles

molelaberate - working together on a project which includes moles

moleodic - a word describing the Mole Day songs which are played over the loudspeaker

moleskito - a tiny molelike creature with wings which drinks the blood of anyone who doesn't remember when Mole Day is

remoletly - obscurely having to do with a mole

remolte control - a devise used by moles to watch all their favorite television shows, such as Bill Nye the Science Guy and the Discovery Channel, particularly used by lazy papa moles

sophmole - anyone in the tenth grade who is taking Chemistry already

thermole - an adjective describing a mole of a highly explosive substance

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