Answers To Pre-Lab & Procedure:

Pre-Lab Classwork:

A) Sucrose = C12H22O11 and Sodium Bicarbonate = NaHCO3

B) CaCO3 = Calcium Carbonate = Egg Shells NaCl = Sodium Chloride = Table Salt

C) Gluten substitute = Flour

Veratraldehyde smells like Vanilla

Sucrose = Table Sugar

Cacao smells like Chocolate Chips

Sodium Bicarbonate = Baking Soda

D) White Sugar = 3/4 cup and Brown Sugar = 3/4 cup

E) 375 oF


A) The area of a pad of butter ranges from 9.90 cm2 to 10.24 cm2, therefore, the length of butter needed is 23.5 cm +/- 0.3 cm, or 16 tablespoons.
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