Mole Day Jokes

Q: Why is it bad to tell mole jokes?
A: It's mole-itically incorrect

Q: What is a mole's favorite movie?
A: The Green Mole

Q: What did Avogadro teach his students in math class?
A: Moletiplication

Q: What kind of fruit did Avogadro eat in the summer?
A: Watermolens

Q: Why was there only one Avogadro?
A: When they made him, they broke the Moled

Q: What kept Avogadro in bed for two months?
A: Moleonucleosis

Q: What do you get when you have a bunch of moles acting like idiots?
A: A bunch of Moleasses

Q: What line from Shakespeare do high school moles have to memorize?
A: "To mole or not to mole, this is the question."

Q: What did Avogadro invent for his wife to use as a night cream?
A: Oil of Molay

Q: How much does Avogadro exaggerate?
A: He makes mountains out of mole hills

Q: What element do moles love to study in chemistry?
A: Molybdenum

Q: What is Avogadro's favorite kind of music?
A: Rock 'N' Mole

Q: What did Avogadro get when he mixed ice cream, chocolate syrup, and milk together?
A: A chocolate Molted

Q: What happens when a mole bites a dog?
A: He becomes Moleicious!

Q: Avogadro loved to watch MASH. Which character did he like most?
A: Father Molecahy

Q: What was Avogadro's favorite Indian tribe?
A: The Molehawks

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Q: How does Avogadro write to his friends?
A: By e-mole!

Q: Why is Avogadro so rich?
A: He's a multi-mole-ionare!

Q: What does Avogadro put in his hot chocolate?
A: Marsh-mole-ows!

Q: Why does Avogadro like Cindy Crawford?
A: She's his favorite super-mole-dle (and she has a mole).

Q: What did the generous mole say when his friends crashed his party?
A: The mole the merrier!

Q: What is a mole's favorite television show?
A: Molerose place

Q: What is Avogadro's favorite day of the week?
A: Moleday

Q: What are mammoles?
A: Four-legged animoles!

Q: How would you describe a stinky chemist?
A: Mole-odorous

Q: Which tooth did Avogadro have pulled?
A: One of his molars.

Q: What did one mole say to the other?
A: We make great chemistry together.

Q: What kind of test do student moles like best?
A: Mole-tiple choice.

Q: Why did Avogadro stop going to a chiropractor on October 24th?
A: He was only tense to the 23rd.

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